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Neapolis was built around 1837 on top of ancient Vion. The town has a strong sense of island beauty with colorful lanes and alley ways. It is also the southernmost harbor on mainland Greece. It is the last town that "bridges", the Peloponnese with Kythera, Antikythera and Elafonisos. As soon as the traveler passes through the mountains they are met with a vast expanse of flat plains that welcomes people with lush green oliver trees, with picturesque villages that are situated near the peaks of Parnona mountain range. These villages are like looking through windows where one can admire the boundless sea. The area of Vatika has many churches, caves and colorful harbors with sandy beaches, which spread out beautifully and awaits the visitor to discover them. The beaches are ready to expose their beauty and their contrasts to the visitor without haste. Most villages in the area built on slopes and in some cases are hidden from the sea.  The villages that are hidden were built in these locations for fear of pirates. The white - washed houses and alleys remind travelers of picturesque islands, the consequences of people having contact with people from different islands. Neapolis is a significant tourist spot for people that seek peace and relaxation. The clean award winning beach situated along the town, is an ideal option for those who do not wish to move around by car..